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'Saving The Flamingos' is a cooperative game where 2 players must guide each other through levels to save the flamingos that have been lost by their group.

How to play?

Players will have take on the role of a Mole and a Snake.

Each one will control the movement of their character using the gamepad's D-pad. Alternatively they can use the keys WASD and IJKL although it's not encouraged.

The player who chooses the Mole will be blindfolded so they aren't able to see but they will wear headphones, so they can listen to the game sound.

The player who chooses the Snake will be able to see but won't wear headphones, meaning they won't be able to listen to any game sound.

The objective is that both characters reach the flamingo at the end of the level.

Not Only Games Jam by King

This game was made for the  #NotOnlyGamesJam organized by @King under the main theme of 'Create innovative solutions to increase diversity and inclusion in society' and the subthemes of 'Flamingo' and 'Other's Shoes'

We thank King for inviting us to participate in this awesome event!


Github repository


Click here if something is confusing. There are two types of traps:

- Snake traps: This trap kills the Snake. It can be detected by the Mole, who will hear a sound if it's on a tile with a trap of this type. The Mole can safely pass through it.

- Mole traps: This trap kills the Mole. They can be detected by the Snake, which can see a grey / brown block with spikes at the bottom. The Snake can safely pass through it.

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