A downloadable game for Windows

Nothing to grab onto is a puzzle game where at the start, there's nothing to grab onto.

You are an alien astronaut and you've lost all your crew.
You'll need to lauch yourself to little planets until you find something something to grab onto, the stars will be your friends.

- Go to a planets: Press left mouse button pointing to the cube.
- Rotate camera: Hold the right mouse button and drag.
- Restart level: Press R.


- Marc Galvez @optus23

- Jaume Montagut @Jaume_Montagut

Tell us what you think about the game in the comments!
Thanks for playing ^^


NothingToGrabOnto_V.4 54 MB
NothingToGrabOnto_V.5(PostJam) 54 MB


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Really fun game! The idea is very original and level design takes adavantage of the 3D space in a really clever way. From graphics to audio it's all really polished. Congrats! :)